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Radio Woking

We run and organise Radio Woking, a community radio station broadcasting worldwide on the internet. Our role includes managing and organising presenters and programmes, community management plus creation and running of web site. We also look after the day to day running of the station and liaison with the local community.

Radio Woking web site

(Guildford Festival)

We are part of the management team for the running of the Guildford Festival (now Guilfest).  Our role includes the on-line community management of the festival and it's web site, auditioning of bands and musicians, press and promotion, stage management, design and implementation of stage displays and posters, selling and promoting merchandise from a shop location and the implementation of security and staffing. We also have overall responsibility for a stage for new and unsigned musicians. 
Event web site Open Guilfest web site

Marquee Hire for the festival: Abinger Marquees

The Palace, Aldershot

Ran, booked and organised The Palace live music venue in Aldershot, a 700 capacity venue. Events included Fun Lovin Criminals, The Beat, The Fall, From The Jam, D:Ream, Hadouken and many more.
Venue web site Open The Palace, Aldershot

Red Dog Night

Ran and produced a regular night of new and unsigned local bands for Guildford Borough Council at the Guildford Civic Hall (capacity 1000).


The LiveClub started in Guildford as a bi-weekly event on a Wednesday for new and unsigned bands. 3 bands played per night to a packed venue, and the events success quickly spread into Woking, where another bi-weekly event was run concurrently with Guildford but on a Saturday night. The LiveClub was the areas local music scene. At the Woking event there was a late license, where after the bands we ran and organised a DJ set until the early hours - which was as popular as the gig in it's own right!

Pentagon Promotions

Pentagon Promotions managed and promoted a variety of bands and gigs. Examples of these are Woking band Womb, Guildfords Spotless Octopus and heavy rock band Thirst from Guildford. A variety of gigs and small events were also organised to help promote these bands.

Established back in 1997 to promote the LiveClub weekly live music event in Woking and Guildford. quickly outgrew it's role and established itself as a national web site for new and unsigned bands. It became the most popular web site in the UK of it's kind and had a huge following of bands and musicians.

Big Day In

An out door festival - indoors!! An exciting venture with a whole days worth of bands, music and festival stalls all set within one large venue - the Guildford Civic Hall. 3 stages and over 30 acts made this a day to remember.

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is an intergalactic musical where glam-rock meets disco, Rocky Horror meets Return to the Forbidden Planet, Blake's Seven meets Charlie's Angels. Converting the Electric Blue Theatre in Guildford into a seedy nightclub, helped with the promotion and produced the after show music for the musical in October 2003.

City Fest

Helped to start off this two day event with live bands in a small intimate venue.

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